Didsbury PreschoolThe Didsbury Preschool is a not for profit society. The school was established in 1978 by a very dedicated group of parents, whose purpose was to provide their preschool children with the opportunity to learn through constructive play and development of social skills prior to entering the school system. Together we are building your child's first stepping stone in the pathway of education. The goal of the Didsbury Preschool Society is to provide a program where preschool children can learn through play, thus fostering the academic, social, physical, and emotional development of the preschool child. Along with our Educational Assistants, parents also participate in the program, assisting the teacher with crafts, music, storytelling, snack time and with the children as needed. The school hosts several fundraisers throughout the year. It also rents out table linens -- all of which help provide funds for additional school supplies and programming. We always welcome volunteers to help with any of our fundraising events and activities.

Contact Name: Cherrie Crawford, Teacher
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Location: 2154 - 18 Ave, Didsbury
Hours / Times Available: Classes 8:30 am - 3 pm
Phone: 403-335-8818
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