Mountain View Food BankThe Mountain View Food Bank started in 1987 when Mrs Grace de Jong, a local community volunteer, recognized through her association with various organizations that food was being wasted during a time when people were going hungry. She in conjunction with the town administration established the Olds Food Bank serving the town of Olds.

In time, clients came from other towns and surrounding areas in the County of Mountain View and in 1993, the Society was registered as a Charitable Organization. In 2000, the Society changed its name to the Mountain View Food Bank Society.

During the course of its existence, the food bank has recognized the broader implications of the economic difficulties faced by Albertans. It has pledged itself to continue working to meet the needs on an ongoing basis. In addition, it will address the issues and seek solutions to the problems which are creating the needs of the food bank.

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Location: Main Floor, Old Provincial Building 5025 50th St., Olds
Hours / Times Available: Tuesday, 9am -- 1pm
Phone: (403) 556-1693