Hope 4 MVC Kids SocietyHope 4 MVC Kids Society provides assistance to families in Mountain View County in the following ways:

  1. If the child in medical need is hospitalized for anything on our list of supported illness they can apply to us for financial support to help with these things parking, meals, fuel, utilities, groceries, accommodation (mortgage/rent agreement copies needed) and sibling care. Supporting documentation from a medical professional needed to confirm diagnosis. If the child needs adaptive equipment for home or school not covered by other sources we can financially assist with that. With supporting documentation from a medical professional.
  2. If the child requires therapy such as counselling, private o/t, p/t, mental health needs, alternative therapy not covered by health insurance or other sources we can financially help with those costs. With supporting documentation from a medical professional.
  3. Help and support during the families crisis - we have personal knowledge of where to go for help and have some great local and city based resources should they chose to ask.

Contact Name: Lisa Nicholson
Contact Email
Hours / Times Available: Mon-Fri, 9-5
Phone: 403-507-2299
Website: www.hope4mvckids.org
Facebook page: Facebook.com/groups/2350883733184